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Basic Image Information
Camera:Canon EOS 350D
Also known as: Canon Digital Rebel XT (USA); Canon EOS Kiss n Digital (Japan)
Lens:17 - 85mm
Shot at 28mm (35mm film equivalent: 43.7mm)
Exposure:Auto exposure, Program AE, 1/250 sec, f/11, ISO 100
Focus:One-shot AF
Date:March 19, 2005   10:34:28AM (timezone not specified)
(2 years, 7 months, 26 days, 4 hours, 1 minute, 38 seconds ago, assuming an image timezone of US Pacific)
File:2,304 × 3,456 JPEG (8.0 megapixels)   
3,104,528 bytes (3.0 megabytes)     Image compression: 87%
Color Encoding:
WARNING: Color space tagged as sRGB, without an embedded color profile. Windows and Mac web browsers will treat the colors randomly.
Images for the web are most widly viewable when in the sRGB color space and with an embedded color profile. See my Introduction to Digital-Image Color Spaces for more information.

Extracted 160 × 120 7.4-kilobyte “ThumbnailImage” JPG
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Here's the full data:

EXIF — this group of metadata is encoded in 17,248 (16.8k) bytes

Aperture Value11.0
Color SpacesRGB
Components ConfigurationYCbCr
CompressionJPEG (old-style)
Create Date2005:03:19 10:34:28
2 years, 7 months, 26 days, 4 hours, 1 minute, 38 seconds ago
Custom RenderedNormal
Date/Time Original2005:03:19 10:34:28
2 years, 7 months, 26 days, 4 hours, 1 minute, 38 seconds ago
Exif Image Size3,456 × 2,304
Exif Version0221
Exposure Compensation0
Exposure ModeAuto
Exposure ProgramProgram AE
Exposure Time1/250
F Number11.0
Flashpix Version0100
Focal Length28.0mm
Focal Plane X Resolution3,954.233 pixels/inch
Focal Plane Y Resolution3,958.763 pixels/inch
Interoperability IndexR98 - DCF basic file (sRGB)
Interoperability Version0100
Metering ModeMulti-segment
Camera Model NameCanon EOS 350D DIGITAL
Modify Date2005:03:19 10:34:28
2 years, 7 months, 26 days, 4 hours, 1 minute, 38 seconds ago
OrientationHorizontal (normal)
Resolution72 pixels/inch
Scene Capture TypeStandard
Shutter Speed Value1/250
Thumbnail Length7,530
User Comment
White BalanceAuto
Y Cb Cr PositioningCo-sited

MakerNotes — this group of metadata is encoded in 8,338 (8.1k) bytes

AEB Bracket Value0
AF Assist BeamEmits
AF Points UsedCenter
Auto Exposure BracketingOff
Auto ISO100
Auto RotateNone
Base ISO100
Bracket ModeOff
Bracket Shot Number0
Bracket Value0
Bulb Duration0
Camera TypeEOS Mid-range
Canon Exposure ModeProgram AE
Canon Firmware VersionFirmware 1.0.1
Canon Flash Info100 0 0 0
Canon Flash ModeOff
Canon Image Height2,304
Canon Image Height As Shot2,304
Canon Image SizeLarge
Canon Image TypeCanon EOS 350D DIGITAL
Canon Image Width3,456
Canon Image Width As Shot3,456
Canon Model IDEOS Digital Rebel XT / 350D / Kiss Digital N
Canon 0x000d(60 bytes binary data)
Canon 0x00130 159 7 112
Canon 0x00191
Canon 0x00aa10 474 1024 1024 650
Canon 0x00d00
Canon Color Info 0x00010
Canon Processing 0x00020
Color Hue0
Color Temp As Shot5,098
Color Temp Auto5,098
Color Temp Cloudy6,000
Color Temp Custom 14,767
Color Temp Custom 25,200
Color Temp Daylight5,200
Color Temp Flash6,449
Color Temp Fluorescent3,912
Color Temp Shade7,000
Color Temp Tungsten3,201
Color Temperature5,200
Color ToneNormal
Continuous DriveSingle
Digital Gain0
Digital ZoomNone
E-TTL IIEvaluative
Easy ModeManual
Exposure Compensation0
Exposure Level Increments1/3 Stop
Exposure Time1/240
F Number12
File Number839-3949
Filter EffectNone
Flash Activity0
Flash Bits(none)
Flash Exposure Compensation0
Flash Guide Number0
Flash Sync Speed AvAuto
Focal Length28mm
Focal Plane X Size23.04mm
Focal Plane Y Size15.37mm
Focal TypeZoom
Focal Units1
Focus ContinuousSingle
Focus Distance Lower0
Focus Distance Upper0
Focus ModeOne-shot AF
Focus RangeNot Known
Lens TypeUnknown (-1)
Long Exposure Noise ReductionOff
Long Focal85mm
Macro ModeNormal
Measured EV10.00
Metering ModeEvaluative
Mirror LockupDisable
ND FilterUnknown (-1)
Noise ReductionOff
Num AF Points7
Optical Zoom Code8
Original Decision Data0
Photo EffectOff
Picture StyleNone
Raw Jpg QualityFine
Raw Jpg SizeLarge
Record ModeCR2+JPEG
Self-timer 20
Sensor Blue Level0
Sensor Bottom Border2,322
Sensor Height2,328
Sensor Left Border52
Sensor Red Level0
Sensor Right Border3,507
Sensor Top Border19
Sensor Width3,516
Shot Number In Continuous Burst0
Camera Body No.0330139618
Serial Number FormatFormat 2
Set Button Cross Keys FuncSet: Quality
Sharpness Frequencyn/a
Short Focal17mm
Shutter-AE LockAF/AE lock
Shutter Curtain Sync1st-curtain sync
Slow ShutterNone
Target Aperture11
Target Exposure Time1/251
Tone CurveStandard
Toning EffectNone
Unknown Block 1(5,352 bytes binary data)
WB Bracket ModeOff
WB Bracket Value AB0
WB Bracket Value GM0
WB Shift AB0
WB Shift GM0
WB RGGB Levels As Shot2293 1021 1017 1577
WB RGGB Levels Auto2293 1025 1021 1577
WB RGGB Levels Cloudy2530 1025 1021 1389
WB RGGB Levels Custom 12749 1025 1021 1984
WB RGGB Levels Custom 22323 1025 1021 1536
WB RGGB Levels Daylight2323 1025 1021 1536
WB RGGB Levels Flash2632 1025 1021 1340
WB RGGB Levels Fluorescent1947 1025 1021 2050
WB RGGB Levels Shade2742 1025 1021 1278
WB RGGB Levels Tungsten1527 1025 1021 2419
White BalanceAuto
White Balance Blue0
White Balance Red0
Zoom Source Width0
Zoom Target Width0


File TypeJPEG
Image Size3,456 × 2,304
MIME Typeimage/jpeg

This block of data is computed based upon other items. Some of it may be wildly incorrect if the image has been resized.

Blue Balance1.547596
Circle Of Confusion0.019 mm
Drive ModeSingle-frame shooting
Focal Length28.0mm (35mm equivalent: 43.7mm)
Hyperfocal Distance3.71 m
Lens17.0 - 85.0mm
Lens17.0 - 85.0mm (35mm equivalent: 26.6 - 132.8mm)
Light Value14.9
Red Balance2.250245
Scale Factor To 35mm Equivalent1.6
Shooting ModeProgram AE
Shutter Speed1/250
Thumbnail Image(7,530 bytes binary data)
WB RGGB Levels2293 1021 1017 1577

This application uses Phil Harvey's most excellent Image::ExifTool library, version 6.90.